Every local Assembly of the church shall be declared a local assembly in good-standing if it has the following ministries in place and it leaders elected by the local assembly members who belong in those groups, such local assemblies shall qualify to send delegates to the General Business Meeting according to chapter 2 (1.2) & (2.4.1) of the church constitution.


Children Assembly League
a place where children are taught the basic knowledge of the bible and the need to serve God in their lives. (Psalm 34:11)

TEFO - Teenagers Forum
a place where the teenagers get educational help particularly in their careers, life skills and learn to serve God in their adolescence stage. (Psalm (103:5)

Young Assembly League
a place where the young people teach one another how to serve God during hard times of their youth and peer pressures. (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Women’s Assembly League
a place where old women teach the young ones how to become Godly women in the Kingdom of God. (Titus 2:4)

MEFO - Men’s Forum
a place where men teach one another to take care of their families, love their wives first at home and in church, and taught to be holy before God. (1 Timothy 2:8)

House Church Ministries
a place where saints are equipped to minister to God, to one another and to the world. (Acts 2: 41-47)

Children’s Assembly League

The vision that fuels our work in Children’s Assembly League grows out of Jesus’ words in Mark 10:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” In the midst of a consuming ministry to adults, Jesus regularly ministered to children. We believe the future of the church depends on effective ministry to children today.

The staff is committed to Children’s Assembly League’ mission statement:

To partner with those who minister with children, by encouraging, educating, and equipping.

They are also dedicated to the vision statement:  Children’s Assembly League - connecting a new generation with Jesus Christ giving children HOPE and WHOLENESS and opportunities for WORSHIP and MINISTRY.



Kidz First is the quadrennial theme. A ministry plan with mission and vision
statements born out of prayer, scripture, and study provides the infrastructure and the vehicle for communicating and implementing this theme. Children’s League’ goal for Kidz First is to keep before the Gospel Assembly Ministry the needs of children.

In the face of twenty-first century challenges, the church must strengthen its commitment to reach every child and family possible, teach them effectively, win them to Christ as early as the Holy Spirit gives opportunity, disciple them, and empower them to be disciple makers. Children’s Assembly Ministry is here to assist with this critical task as the local children’s ministries coordinates a unified ministry that reaches out to unchurched children and meets the spiritual needs of children from birth to age 12.

Teenagers Forum - (TEFO)

The TEFO is a place where the youth between the ages of 13-19 can come and worship and hear the word of God in a relevant and effective way. Its a place where the "Youth" do the "Ministry" in "Youth Ministry." It is also a place where the voice of our next generation is being heard today.
Also on a weekly basis you will see teens doing the "Ministry" in "Youth Ministry" through dance ministries, drama, media, and participating in officiating the services.

Young Assembly League - (YAL)

Young Assembly League is our end product in the “discipleship making” from the childhood stage, YAL seek to build Christ-like youth of this age, Paul’s life-changing experience with Christ started when he was young and single, he was ecstatically zealous in preaching the good news.

This is a place where young and unmarried sisters and brothers between the ages of 20-35 mostly promoted from TEFO realizes their potential in many aspects of the ministry, they venture themselves in ministries like, singing in church choirs, ushering, conducting worship services, leading, sports, and many more! 

Women’s Assembly League - (WAL)
Our women’s ministry here at Gospel Assembly Ministry provides Christ-centered spiritual growth and encouragement for women in our shared journey of faith at every season in our lives, in order to deepen our relationship with God and others.
Our hope is for every woman to be a part of our ministry and find a place of love and acceptance that will result in deeper friendships. We seek to build relationships, encourage, and support one another to talk, laugh, cry, process, and journey through life together. We do this through church assembly, home, and workplace small groups; various women’s events and retreats; and more!
“And may the lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12


Men’s Forum – (MEFO)
For men today, hitting the mark of authentic biblical manhood can feel like aiming at a moving target. At the core men are asking, "Can I be masculine and follow Jesus at the same time?" Couple this with the frequent and wide array of demands on a man's life, and it can leave us feeling defeated and without an identity!


Biblical manhood does include and even necessitate masculinity! We believe that possessing a firm grasp of the Word of God and belonging to a fellowship of Christian men are keys to understanding and living out authentic biblical manhood. Today's men need to be able to wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17) and sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).


When a man knows the Word and can teach it, and has a few good men to cover his back, he is able to successfully follow Christ, love his wife like Christ loved the church, and guide his children in multigenerational faithfulness.

The 7 marks of authentic biblical manhood

  • Found in Christ: Identity - At our core, men need to know we are accepted and loved by God.
  • Knows God's work for his life: Call - God has wired us with certain gifts to fulfill His work.
  • Raids the enemy's camp: Warrior - men desire to conquer that which is wrong with the world.
  • Love's like Christ: Husband - men need to love the woman God has given them.
  • Takes responsibility: Provider - men need to care for those God has entrusted to them.
  • Lifelong disciple - maker: Father/Mentor - Men are called to disciple the next generation.
  • Able to influence: Impact - Men desire ever expanding relevance in their spheres of influence.

    House Church Ministries
    House Church Ministry in GAM is the core and the soul of the church, we are not a church with home cells but we are a home cell church through the following core-functions that seek to build Spirit filled Christians;

    "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts." (Acts 2:46)


    Participatory meetings
    "What is the outcome then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification." (1 Cor. 14:26; see also Colossians 3:16, Hebrews 10:24-25)


    Meeting in homes
    "Aquila and Priscilla greet you heartily in the Lord, with the church that is in their house." (1 Cor. 16:19; see also Acts 20:20, Romans 16:5, Colossians 4:15, Philemon 1:2).


    Networking through 'Extra-local, Itinerant Ministries'
    "After some days Paul said to Barnabas, "Let us return and visit the brethren in every city in which we proclaimed the word of the Lord, and see how they are." (Acts 15:36)


    Occasional Large Group Meetings
    "I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you publicly and from house to house" (Acts 20:20)


    Jesus model
    “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." (Matthew 18:20)
    It is highly impossible to be an effective church member if you are not a house church member of GAM.